Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Walking Dead Artbook

Walking Dead Artbook
here comes an artbook dedicated to the hit series The Walking Dead. Immediately, the detail of the content.

To wait until Volume # 15 in the series, scheduled for March 2012, Walking Dead fans are entitled to this month's two books a little special. Making Of An adaptation of the TV series, which I will have the opportunity to return, and the artbook before us today.
This is actually a collection containing all the covers of the first fifty episodes, plus those of the TPB and Deluxe hardcover editions.

Basically, each episode is split into two pages, one devoted to coverage, colorized, large format, and the other welcoming the comments of the authors and various small preparatory sketches.
The text is a kind of informal conversation between Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore (the latter continued to draw the covers until the 24th episode), and then in a second time, Moore was replaced by Charlie Adlard, the artist's current series .

Artists have a look often critical of their work but unfortunately, even if it is discovered a few anecdotes about how to proceed or differences in points of view, the technical and sometimes only introduces a bit repetitive. We discover a particular Kirkman with a surprisingly accurate idea of ​​the composition of covers, items which are considered as very important and apparently he uses to "play" with the reader, sometimes resulting in the voluntarily on false leads.
That said, most of the interest is still in the illustrations that can remember certain key scenes and take the measure of all the progress made by Rick and his companions. The quality of these covers is it, rather uneven (TWD is not especially known for that). It is both an excellent (episode # 9, # 15, # 17, # 21 ...) and the very plain (episode # 10, # 34, # 43 ...).

Technically, the book comes with a cover drive (which is shown despite the presence of a jacket, more significant still) a glossy and obviously the most beautiful effect. All for 17.50 euros.

A book of illustrations rather pleasant, as a small balance on the first time one of the best current series.