Kiosk and Bookstore Guide Marvel series
This second version of the reading guide, having undergone a complete overhaul, aims to establish a sort of inventory of the various collections and magazines dedicated to current Marvel publications. New titles were added and the new visual aspect will, hopefully, more pleasant and easier to read for readers who would like to find some in the jungle of labels and monthly.


The monthly cult figure of the House of Ideas. Whereas before you could find there many series, like Spectacular Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man or Marvel Team-Up, the magazine is now almost entirely monopolized by the central historical and Amazing Spider-Man (which now appears three times a month in the U.S.). This allows arcs often benefit from complete and therefore more immersed in the story.
The fourth episode is often dug into the side VO series, such as Spider-Man Family.

Second most popular character of the editor, it is normal for the clawed mutant has its own journal. It is however very thin as it contains only two episodes per month, for a price yet close to monthly, them, have four. The publication regularly welcomes new titles devoted to Logan as Wolverine: Origins or Wolverine: Weapon X.

Marvel Icons
The journal is a continuation of the previous Marvel Legends. It hosts general titles New Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America and Fantastic Four. The Young Avengers were also published in this month which contains, as its name implies, the most iconic characters of the publisher.

Marvel Heroes
Founded in November 2007, this review is the second oriented "heroes" (as opposed to titles X, indicating the mutants). One finds the Hulk, Thor, the Mighty Avengers and the Initiative members, identified heroes in training and then join a team official in one of the 50 states of the Union.
At its launch, this month also hosted two mini-series Omega Flight, and New Avengers: Illuminati.

A new monthly offering 4 x 22 planks, however, unlike Heroes and Icons, it often happens that the first three episodes are from the same title, which, much like Spider-Man, to read sometimes arches complete.
Of course, as the name implies, these are the mutants (Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast ...) that are featured in this review. It should be noted that the titles X, once leaders in terms of sales, are now somewhat lagging behind. A slump probably due to a lack of courage and renewal.

Astonishing X-Men
Second Title X series Astonishing though welcomes more varied, as Cable, X-Force and especially the excellent X-Factor (previously titled Madrox) by Peter David.
Due to the large number of characters, multiple references to the past and a writing style sometimes abusing ellipses, this month seems to me, like its twin X-Men, a little less accessible for a novice than other magazines.

Marvel Universe
This is a bimonthly devoted to the characters and cosmic epics. The review particularly welcomed the crossovers or Annihilation War of Kings and offers very good series like Nova or Guardians of the Galaxy. It meets regularly in these pages Thanos, Quasar, Drax and, in general, of all strange alien races from each other.
The interaction with the characters land, although it is sometimes possible, however, is very limited. It should be noted that Universe offers occasional small strongest significant, such as character or various forms of information.

Marvel Mega
Small tote to fit the What-If, as well as special issues (eg Christmas) or mini-series (including Secret War, before Deluxe reissue). The journal has bowed out in 2007 but still recent enough (and provided) to be included her

Ultimates / Ultimate Avengers
The Ultimate range offers makes it a classic replay of the heroes (from the universe 616) in another context (the world 1610). It was launched at the base to facilitate the entry of new players, supposedly frightened by the mass of the sagas past, but has consistently finished after a few years, by generating its own continuity.
The first title, Ultimates, dedicated to the Avengers (Cap, Thor, Iron Man ...), Ultimate Avengers was renamed after the controversial event Ultimatum.

Ultimate Spider-Man
The only survivor (with Ultimate Avengers) after the big sweep Ultimatum, this bimonthly (having undergone a relaunch) tells the adventures of a teenage Peter Parker. Although most of the Weaver family and enemies are present (Octopus, Gwen Stacy, Norman Osborn, Mary Jane ...), their personalities and, in general, the sequence of events is somewhat different from that 'known in the classical world.
Note that in this way as Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley broke the longevity record for a tandem on the same series (previously held by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby).

Ultimate Fantastic Four
This is not the classic FF, blah, unless they take time to relax, you must have the idea. o)
Reed and his band here are younger than in the classic version, but their adventures are yet sometimes more credible. You should also remember that in this series that Mark Millar will feature the start of what would later become famous as Marvel Zombies (see this column). The journal has not survived Ultimatum.

Ultimate X-Men
It is this time the mutants are reinterpreted in the ultimate sauce. Same as UFF, the title was stopped after Ultimatum.

the essentials
This is done here several small collections (Spider-Man: The Essentials, Marvel: The Essentials, Spider-Man and Marvel Heroes) with various sagas, ancient or relatively recent. Each volume comes in the form of a book containing 5 or 6 episodes, as well as a booklet (one episode) office doing a little presentation.
The low cost makes them attractive collections, however, the content, in terms of quality, is uneven and can overlap with other publications. Note that after the release stand, books (without leaflets) are found in supermarkets then.

Marvel Crossover / Marvel Universe Special Edition
The magazine was originally titled Marvel Crossover (see the first issues is also decked out in this respect), and for good reason, she was presented as to accommodate crossovers between Marvel and characters belonging to guests of other publishing houses. The Binz, however eventually be called Marvel Universe Special Edition, although it is still looking for relatives with MU. The idea of ​​meeting with other world of publishing is still up, mainly with Top Cow. The quality of the stories, in general, however, no incentive to buy.

Marvel Saga
Quarterly replacing Marvel Icons Special Edition and is supposed, as presented in the beginning, offering complete sagas. It is already not the case at issue # 1 that offers an adventure ... the Punisher to be followed in issue # 2. Typical communication Panini which says it is ultimately only as good as when it is absent.

Special one-off magazines
It is not about titles of journals, but very regular point associated with a particular event (House of M, Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Siege ...). The numbers are relatively few and include the title track of the current event (the regular reviews welcoming them, the various tie-ins associated with it).

Spider-Man Pocket series
Originally a publication for younger however, SMP received (in any sense a paninienne) series like Ultimate Spider-Man (which, without being especially traumatic, does not really tiny). The book format significantly reduced but still readable, offers various games, a pencil, in short, a very childish environment that leaves no doubt regarding the intended audience.

in Library
Generic advantages: complete stories, any supplements
Generic disadvantages: Publication random costs can be high and unrelated to the content

100% Marvel
This is probably the most library collection and provided more affordable (at least it offers very good value often pages / price and quality / price). The one finds the hero worship (Spidey, Wolves, Daredevil), but also lesser-known characters of the general public, as Sentry, X-23 or Moon Knight. Black line, showing the great names of marvelverse by immersing them in a polar environment of 30 years, is also published in this collection, like the Marvel Zombies or the trilogy River Earth X / Universe X / Paradise X

This is the label "adult" Marvel. Not that other collections are specifically for children, but the authors have, in the latter, greater freedom of tone. Sex and violence are less watered down. The collection is also available in VO, but to add to the complexity, the titles published under this label in VF are not necessarily all from (Trouble).
Max series are generally regarded as more or less out of continuity, although there are many exceptions to the contrary (Alias, Hood ...). Note in this collection an excellent run of Garth Ennis on the (very muscular) as Punisher.

Marvel Monster Edition
Large flexible format containing an entire year of publication of the same series. The paper quality has recently improved but the high price remains still strong deterrent. The collection housed at the start of the series that did not find their place in the booth, as She-Hulk, Deadpool and The Defenders. Today it is mainly used to publish (in a very uncontrolled) series side more or less affected by an event (Monster Civil War or Dark Reign, for example).
It should be noted nonetheless the presence of works particularly successful, even poignant, as Planet Hulk, the call of duty or Thor Reign of foreshadowing in its own way and in less epic, the future Civil War.

Marvel Mini Monster
Collection freak, now deceased, and to peddle in twice that offered by a Monster. The excellent Runaways made ​​their debut here. The other series declined under this label is Sentinel, a title passed relatively unnoticed but friendly.
Warning, these books do not age well and cover tends to come off ..

Marvel Premium
And large format hardcover reprint of episodes of Amazing Spider-Man from the run of JM Straczynski.
Only five issues in total, including one also wonders utility. That said, the quality of the story is not an issue, this is even an interesting time in which Straczynski will develop the mystical origins of the Weaver (giving rise to the Company and the Spider series

Marvel Graphic Novels
The graphic novel or graphic novel, is rather complex to define. In the United States, may designate all that is not a specification. In France, he often referred to a supposed work of quality and for adults. In this case, it's actually a nice tote paninien. It's going to find real GN (Marvel), like pieces of regular series (Iron Man) and even illustrated novellas (The Redeemer).
A counselor in this collection: Echo of the magnificent great David Mack, a marvel, both visually and screenplay, enjoying an extremely intelligent use of the medium of comics.

Marvel Deluxe
It is, except for the Runaways series which is the only new material from the collection of reprints intended by the repeated presentations and supported from the publisher, contain numerous bonus. In fact, not only the bonuses have soared over the years, but some volumes, though expensive and rising, are particularly thin (House of M).
It is usually found under this label very large caliber vendors (Wolverine, Spider-Man ...) or having particularly sagas market (such as Civil War which has also benefited from a limited box set). Also recommended: The Deluxe NYX dedicated to Laura Kinney aka X-23, which includes two sagas moving and aesthetically very pretty.

Best Of Marvel
This is re-editing a collection of old sagas, cults often become, as The Secret Wars (Marvel first true crossover), the last hunting Kraven (then sold off in the essentials) or Wolverine: Origins (reprinted in Deluxe ... less bonus!).
The "old school" So basically, but which often overlap with other collections.

the integrals
Quite simply the reissue of the first issues of different series (Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Wolverine ...).
For curious or nostalgic collectors.

Marvel origins
Collection usefulness little obvious focus, as its name suggests, the origin and first appearances of the different groups or persons. Covers black and shiny features

Marvel Kids
Collection small size and economic originally intended for a young readership. It should be noted that the volumes on Spider-Man resumed in his first adventure (reprinted in full) in the upgrading of a graphic point of view. The narrative itself remains the same, a little dated.
Note that the Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, a sort of "shojo" U.S. is quite readable, with its quality, for an adult audience.

Marvel Omnibus
Budget killers.
Huge blocks containing the bulk of a large saga, the Clone Saga as Spider-Man. Again, it should be noted a clear trend in weight loss (Daredevil Omnibus by Frank Miller) who does not yet on the price very high.

Marvel Transatlantic
This collection, sparse, is designed to allow free rein to European authors (in fact often Italian) to offer "their" version of some Marvel characters. The result is the ridiculous (The secret of the glass, Second Death), to pretty good (X-Campus) through the medium (Saudade).

Marvel Best Sellers
A bit special, this collection was originally only in the shops MaxiLivres. The latter having failed, the books can now find in supermarkets or libraries in some type Cultura.
These editions, in small format, episodes of the Avengers, Spider-Man or Daredevil or X-Men. The there are also both excellent and very recent sagas such as Daredevil: Underboss of Bendis, more than any arcs, as these episodes of Wolverine from 2000. If the price is very good (10 euros for a dozen episodes), reading comfort is against the boards and diminished by a very small lettering, especially as a useless white margin is still shrinking overall.

It is not about a collection per se, but the vast field of encyclopedias.
they has published some format Deluxe (Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four or the X-Men), but Semic, bought by the group Tournon, also continues to emerge, sometimes a particular hero (Iron Man ), other times on all the Marvel characters (see article). Some related works, such as the Chronicles of Marvel, let, them, to delve into the history of the editor, from its beginnings to the present.