Marvel Chronology: Major events of modern Marvelverse
This chronology of recent events Marvelverse intended to allow new players, or older for that matter, to have an overview of the most important in recent years and is interested so that the modern era.
In addition a summary outline of each event, this checklist will also tell you some links to chronicles, on this blog, related to the topic and to develop certain themes or to learn about collections and journals concerned.

These articles, on the technical aspect of the evolution of crossovers or their real or perceived consequences, and this lexicon, may also shed additional light.

Avengers: Disassembled - The end of an era

Type: Recurve giving rise to various effects in the regular series

The facts
The Avengers are faced with a series of dramatic events.
Scott Lang (Ant-Man II) was killed in an explosion that devastated the Avengers Mansion. She-Hulk, in a fit of murderous rage, kills the Vision. Clint Barton (Hawkeye) sacrifices himself to stop a Kree invasion. And to top it all, Tony Stark (Iron Man), then defense minister, loses it to the United Nations and threatens the representative of Latveria.
The team will learn that all these events are related to Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch). The latter, in poor mental health, was persuaded of the existence of children she has never actually had. So she had forgotten this episode painful reminiscence of these events instead a situation she can not cope. Gradually losing the reason his magic causes chaos. Dr. Strange will finally be able to stop Wanda. It falls into a coma and was taken by her father, Magneto, to Genosha.
The Avengers did not call these events and formally pronounced their dissolution.
Two main reasons are cited for the wreck:
- The Stark Foundation, which funds the Avengers can not afford to repair the damage
- Stark's image is so tarnished that it can not possibly be considered to be at the head of a new group
One can add to that the psychological shock that is having lost several brothers in arms and have been "betrayed" by a friend.
The Avengers Mansion will never be used and will become a memorial.

Impact and consequences
A page appears to be turning. The episode of the last meeting of the Avengers is poignant. The heroes remember their most vivid memories. They will be cheered one last time by a crowd came to honor them.
On the editorial point of view, this is the beginning of the takeover of the securities "heroes" (as opposed to the X series, so "mutant") by Marvel.

Secret War Nick Fury - and Barbouzeries backlash

Type: Mini-Series

the facts
Nick Fury discovers that most of the villains using the latest technology are in fact funded Latveria (no longer at the time, led by Doom). The U.S. government refused to respond, Fury assembles a small team of heroes to go on site to clean. Fury will go up to clear the memory of masks involved in the operation.
Finally, a year later, an operation for reprisal latvériens blew the case to light. Fury is forced to flee and to opt for secrecy.
Maria Hill is director of SHIELD.

Impact and consequences
Initially, the effects are relatively minor but it will allow Fury to act in the shade during the Civil War and to play a role in Secret Invasion.

Formation of New Avengers - New Beginnings

Type: Recurve / launching a new regular series

the facts
Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and Luke Cage are present at the Raft, building high security prison in Ryker's Island, where a mass breakout occurs. Captain America and Spider-Man join the battle that follows. Sentry at the time locked up at his own request, took part in combat and eliminate Carnage.
Later, Steve Rogers (Cap) expressed to Tony Stark (Iron Man) to his feelings about this alliance improvised. For him, it recalls the circumstances of the formation of the first Avengers. Unite to overcome an uncontrollable situation alone.
Stark is reluctant and raises the issues that led to the dissolution of the previous group. Cap then offers a different operating mode: more than pay for members, more formal affiliation (at the UN or the U.S.), just a meeting place and a common goal.
The New Avengers are formed soon after.

Impact and consequences
The team is dosed with skill. The duo historic Iron Man / Captain America is supported by the duo Motor Sales of the publisher, Wolverine / Spider-Man. We add a sexy chick (Spider-Woman), a newcomer (Sentry, a sort of Superman with serious psychological problems), a hero of the seventies brought up to date (Luke Cage), and that's it.
Note that Daredevil, although implied at the beginning of the adventure, refuse to join the group, ensuring its series an "almost" immunity level of continuity (immunity far from complete, but say that his on-going is not the one most involved in major events).

House of M - more mutants!

Type: modern event (one main series + various tie-ins)

The facts
The Avengers, the X-Men and other heroes come together to decide the fate of Wanda Maximoff. The discussion is rough but ultimately, it seems impossible to let the woman decide the fate of the planet according to his depression. A team is sent to Genosha to find it and eliminate it.
At first, Wanda, out of the coma, does not resist them. His brother Pietro, mad with grief and a little brotherly love, refuses what looks like a suicide from his sister and led her to radically change the reality in order to fulfill the dearest wishes of everyone. The reality of House of M takes for a time, instead of the normal course of events in the universe 616. The mutants reign supreme, with Magneto and Magnus House at their head. Children of Wanda exist. Spidey lives with Gwen Stacy was never thrown off a bridge ...
However, with Wolverine and a little girl who "knows things", Layla Miller, a group of heroes is freed from the spell of Wanda and becomes resistant to defeat the dictatorship mutant.
After the fall of the House of M, Wanda accuses his father of being the source of the evils which she and her brother have always suffered. Sickened by his own condition and believes that man should not be endowed with divine powers, she pronounces the words, "no more mutants" and cause the extinction of Homo Superior Instant (attention, the mutants do not die, they just lose their powers, which will, for some, yet tragic consequences).

Impact and consequences
Mutants of several millions, go to 198. Marvel will unveil in sheets of characters, the identity of 132 of them, namely 2 / 3, the remaining third is supposed to originally, allowing various developments scriptwriting. Unfortunately, the figure does not take a time and then we learn that the mutants are 198 officially registered and that other, unknown, may exist. This will lessen considerably the effect at the end of the saga.

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The Other - Evolve or Die!

Type: classical crossover

the facts
Spider-Man suffers from a degenerative disease linked to its powers. He made ​​the rounds of the greatest scientists of the world but no one can seem to help him. He resigned and spent time with Mary Jane, his wife. Finally, after a last stand against Morlun, a hero to be feeding on taking powers of entities totem, he died in hospital ...
... Prior to regenerate in a cocoon after accepting the spider part of his personality. Its powers are magnified: it is stronger, faster, stronger, his sixth sense is improved, he can now get information from the vibrations of its web, it becomes nyctalopic and has darts out of his forearms.

Impact and consequences
If the story is tragic, consequences are minimal. Virtually no writer will use the new capabilities of Peter to be canceled anyway after MDGs. The sword is nice but the gun ends up in the water.

new powers

Civil War - Whose side are you on?

Type: modern event (one main series + various tie-ins)

The facts
After an intervention by a group of young superheroes (the New Warriors) filmed as part of a reality TV show, Nitro, a villain with the power to blow themselves up, destroyed more than 600 people ( many of them children from a nearby school) in the small town of Stamford. The shock is enormous for the American people.
After the dissolution of the Avengers, the Secret War Nick Fury, Hulk, which has since devastated Las Vegas, people are tired of the anarchy and violence caused by superhuman.
A law passed census to guide superheroes acting without training or real concern for the consequences of their actions. Tony Stark, initially opposed the project, finally realizes its merits and prefers to minimize the effects "from within". Captain America on a whim, refuses to prosecute unregistered superhuman and cause an unfortunate incident on the aircraft carrier SHIELD. From this, two factions are taking place: the legalistic supporting the law and the will of the people rallied around Tony Stark, and the rebels, determined to defend what they believe is a fundamental freedom (dress up fart from the mouth of which they wish).
When The Last Stand, Steve Rogers (Captain America) has a sudden revelation: that the guerrilla book for personal reasons has implications for the little people.
He decided to surrender.

Impact and consequences
Two groups of Avengers set up in New York: The Mighty Avengers, Avengers officials under the leadership of Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) and the Secret Avengers (whose adventures continue to be told in the on-going New Avengers) Luke Cage.
Tony Stark became the director of SHIELD.
Spider-Man is not a fugitive identified whose flight is complicated by the voluntary disclosure of his identity when he supported the census.

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The Initiative – Une équipe pour chaque état

Type : terme générique/label de série

Les faits
Le terme « Initiative » ne couvre pas un évènement en particulier mais un ensemble de séries fortement impactées par Civil War, comme New Avengers, Mighty Avengers ou Avengers : The Initiative qui est consacrée à la formation de jeunes volontaires dans le centre de Stamford (là où les évènements de CW ont débuté).
Une partie des héros vivent dans la clandestinité tandis que les responsables officiels (Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Hank Pym…) mettent en place l’Initiative des cinquante états, projet visant à former de jeunes recrues et à doter chaque état d’une équipe locale plus ou moins autonome. Une approche rationaliste du super-héroïsme en quelque sorte.

Impact et conséquences
C’est au début de cette période, juste après la fin de la guerre civile, que Steve Rogers est assassiné alors qu’il se rendait, captif, au palais de justice. La mort de Captain America est un séisme pour toute la communauté super-héroïque. Il n’a pas été abattu par un pro-recensement mais est tombé suite à un complot orchestré par Crâne Rouge.

Mort d'une Légende
Fallen Son

World War Hulk - Return to Earth

Type: modern event (one main series + various tie-ins)

the facts
Hulk, banned by the Illuminati (secret group consists of Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Dr Strange, Blackagar Boltagon, Charles Xavier and Namor) returns to earth with the idea of ​​revenge against those he considers responsible for the death of his wife (met her at the Planet Hulk saga) on Sakaar.
Long series of battles. Everyone is doing more or less, and Hulk is finally under control after a clash with his old pal Spectacular Sentry.

Impact and consequences
They are still looking. Hulk's return to earth seems very dull in comparison with the Planet Hulk saga, which acted as a huge prologue and was much more interesting to follow.

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One More Day - Pact with the Devil

Type: classical crossover

The facts
Following the revelation of his identity in the media during Civil War, Spider-Man is the subject of special attention from his former enemies. A killer eventually kill Aunt May. This one, between life and death (in its normal state for 40 years then) is taken to the hospital. Doctors are helpless. Parker made the rounds of his ingenious friends who tell him, basically, that medicine has its limits. Finally, Mephisto offers him a deal. He must sacrifice his love to his wife, Mary Jane, in exchange for the life of her aunt. Parker, against all odds, accept!
His marriage is annulled, he sacrifices his wife, the love he bears, against the life of her surrogate mother (or her natural mother since Millar's been there, which would explain many things).

Impact and consequences
Indeed its a "clone saga" undermined by a more clever. Spider-Man returns to his principles: he is single, penniless, living with his aunt, hangs out with his old buddies from college, his secret identity (not that we understand why) becomes not only unknown but also the general public of his best friends and his former conquests.
The character is killed, canceled its depth, its evolution denied.
This is not a divorce (which would have been acceptable) but a sponge on the board, so precious, memories of the readers.
The idea is debatable but the process, especially, is unworthy.
For many, One More Day marks the end of the real Spider-Man. In any case, it gives a terrible image of Peter Parker, willing to trade away the woman he claims to love against a psychological comfort (he says he is not particularly bothered by the fact that her aunt died but the liability which he may inflict on causes of death ...). Dismal.

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Messiah Complex - He was born the divine child

Type: classical crossover

the facts
Cerebra has detected a new mutant - the first since HoM - in the small town of Cooperstown. Once there, the X-Men only discover ruins and corpses. A confrontation took place in the small village between the Purifiers (a dangerous cult anti-mutant) and the Marauders of a disaster. The various forces at work trying to recover the famous baby carrying the gene X. Meanwhile, a copy of James Madrox and Layla Miller sent in a new timeline, created since the appearance of the child to explore the consequences of this birth.
Finally, after many adventures, Cable gets the baby and, pursued by Bishop, fled into the future.

Impact and consequences
The extinction of mutants is called into question.
Dissolution of the X-Men and closing of the school (Cyke, Emma and former team members, however, create a center for the mutants after moving to San Francisco).
There has been a significant change in attitude on the part of some X-Men, including Cyclops, which will employ radical means against the enemies of the mutants in X-Force reforming.

Beginning of Messiah Complex
Update on Mutants and their series

Secret Invasion - Paranoia and deceptive appearances

Type: modern event (one main series + various tie-ins)

the facts
The Secret Avengers discover, after the death of Elektra, as Skrulls (rather hostile alien race) have infiltrated Earth. Tony Stark is informed. He discovered, with help from Richards, technology, magic or psi powers are unable to reveal the imposters. Distrust settles ...
The invasion takes on a different scale when the troops of the invaders, consisting of Super-Skrull with multiple powers, land on Earth. The traditional teams (X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic, Initiative) Fel by paranoia and a few impostors Skrulls, have trouble cashing the first shock. The villains of The Hood are helping the heroes. The Secret Fury Warriors are also in the fray but finally the intervention of Norman Osborn, the head of her Thunderbolts, which proves decisive. The Skrull Queen, who had usurped the features of Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) is shot by Osborn under the gaze of the cameras.

Impact and consequences
Janet Van Dyne (the Wasp) is killed during the final confrontation.
Many heroes (Hank Pym so) kidnapped by the Skrulls are back and learn from recent events including the Civil War.
Tony Stark is removed from office. Norman Osborn is the head of the body which will replace SHIELD, dissolved. He also founded his own Avengers team and the equivalent "dark" of the Illuminati.

Tie-ins Marvel Monster
Following the tie-ins Monster
IF: Impact
Dawn of Tears

Dark Reign - Osbornisation Spirits

Type: generic / label serial

the facts
Norman Osborn is in charge of security of the United States. He oversees not only the HAMMER (successor to the organization SHIELD), but also his own Avengers (the Dark Avengers, composed for many former Thunderbolts). It also attempts to find strong allies abroad or in certain circles unofficial basis Cabal.
Media-clever, riding on his recent success against the Skrull invasion, he managed to get some popularity with a population embittered by the excesses of superhuman.
Osborn is still always on the razor's edge, his past - and especially his Green Goblin personality - the overtaking inexorably. He tries to use its position and the forces under his command to eliminate his enemies but gets only limited success. However, it will reach to liquidate the Punisher.

Impact and consequences
Osborn's reign finally is very short and very exciting. The dark side and dramatic, promised in the title of this period is largely untapped. Essentially, Osborn can boast of having allowed the different clans of heroes (registered or fugitives), divided since the Civil War, to get closer to making it a common target. Editorial, the return to "normal" is engaged.

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Siege - Storming of Asgard

Type: modern event (one main series + various tie-ins)

the facts
Driven by Loki to attack Asgard, Norman Osborn launches an assault against the Norse gods without the approval of the President of the United States. The Dark Avengers and HAMMER face the many heroes who came to lend a hand to Thor and his people. The battle rages on, after a fierce struggle, the Avengers and their allies manage to defeat the troops Osborn.

Impact and consequences
Fall of Norman Osborn is discredited and imprisoned. Steve Rogers took over as head of SHIELD recreated. The Census Act of superhuman is repealed, putting an end to the consequences of the Civil War. A team of New Avengers, officially this time, is formed.

Headquarters: Prologue
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The Heroic Age - Back to Basics

Type: generic / label serial

the facts
The super-heroic community, finally died down, regained its footing and public trust. Tony Stark must rebuild his industrial empire. An academy for young recruits replaces the camp Stamford Initiative.

Impact and consequences
Back to basics and a classic pre-Civil War. Launch of new magazines and reset the numbering of most monthly.

Avengers: New Series and Evolution
Launch of Marvel Stars
Avengers Academy

Fear Itself - Fear becomes the norm

Type: modern event (one main series + various tie-ins)

the facts

Impact and consequences