Best Series OF Graphic Novels

Walking Dead

Genre: post-apocalyptic zombie-based

When the dead walk (article on the first volumes)

In summary: the struggle of a group of survivors after a zombie outbreak that led to the downfall of civilization. Suspense and shocking scenes. Psychology and intercation of the characters well developed. Excellent.


Genre: Heroic-Fantasy (characters with big nose, a pinch of humor and emotion)
summary: the adventures of three cousins ​​face a strange world on the brink of war.


Genre: comic road trash (violence, humor and perversions)
In short: an explosive and intelligent work that deserves a score of 7 kicks ass wide open on Custer.


Genre: Urban Fantasy (a term somewhat barbaric to say that it's happening today, but there's magic)
Peter & Max (from the novel of the same universe)
In summary: the characters of our childhood stories updated in a story mixing epic battles, romance, humor and investigations.

Genre: Thriller Paranormal
summary: a small village in the U.S. campaign whose tranquility is shattered by the arrival of strange girls bare some psychopaths and the presence of a dome Pennystown isolating residents from the rest of the world.

The Unwritten
Genre: Harry Potter-Like
summary: the son of a successful novelist of the same name as one of the characters of his father sees himself drawn into an incredible adventure to questioning his own existence.

It's a Bird
Genre: indefinable. Or the kind that makes you better.
summary: a writer who is proposing to take over the series Superman faces the lack of inspiration and a painful family secret. Moving, brilliant, masterful.

Genre: Science exciting with a touch of philosophy
summary: the quest, history of mathematical logic. To advise all and specifically for teachers wishing to demonstrate to students that the scientific adventure is one of the most exciting thriller that is.

Genre: Action & critters (with big emotional charge)
summary: of innocent pets, used as guinea pigs to develop new weapons, flee and seek to regain their home. Poignant.


Genre: Western, yep!
summary: the raw and guns, cleverly staged.

strangers in Paradise

Genre: action / emotion / humorous / sexy girls (strike!)
summary: the sweet and romantic and bubbly Francine Katchoo face various problems ranging from unsuitable boy to settle scores with a fauna underworld. Far from the clich├ęs, the writing of this series is a little known example of know-how.

Legends of the Guardian

Genre: heroic-fantasy-based summary: conspiracy and struggle for survival in a hostile world where the Guard is the elite of the lower classes of mice. Effective.


Genre: SF uchronia middle middle horrific and totally addictive
summary: In a futuristic world in which peoples of the night left the darkness to be part of society, specialized brigades handle cases involving vampires and werewolves. Various graphic styles and often beautiful serving damn good plot. Radically different mood episodes, but as a true binder gives the whole charm.

Locke & Key
Genre: paranormal thriller
summary: Following the assassination of their father, three kids moved to a house full of secrets and surprises. Tasty cocktail mixing haunted house and serial killer. Served fresh and bloody.


Genre: post-apocalyptique/fantasy
summary: in London covered by water, 12 children with special abilities protect a small area.

The Boys
Genre: Realistic super-heroic / trash / intelligent
summary: in the real world, superheroes do not always behave well. For the coach, the spooks to strong-arm methods are quick to cut to the quick! Success in Ennis, spicy but sensible.

Rex Mundi

Genre: Historical uchronia (high religious overtones)
summary: the world and geopolitics presented here take precedence over quickly a little bland characters. The richness of the universe and the suspense, however this can be surrounded in a France of 30 years under the thumb of the Inquisition.

From Hell
Genre: sublimation is different
summary: 1888. In the district of Whitechapel, Jack is soon to become a legend. Absolutely monumental work, perhaps the most impressive of Alan Moore.

Block 109
Genre: uchronia (open / share)
summary: the borders of several influences, a sharp and intelligent story, graphics attractive.

Identity Crisis
Genre: super-heroic accessible and well done
summary: to kill a hero is one thing. To attack his family, it is another. The JLA is in danger. A classic but controlled investigation which leads to some very pretty scenes. A great time among the masks.


Genre: thriller crazy (humor / bizarre powers)
summary: Agent Tony Chu is cibopathe. He can see what happened to a food (or anything else ...) when the taste. Original and enjoyable.

Genre: thriller super-hero
summary: the cops investigating cases involving encaps. Multiple references, winks and good times. Cheeky and deep.


Genre: look at adolescence and emotional
summary: seemingly mundane but terribly addictive. A bittersweet reflection to address warm under the duvet.

Courtney Crumrin
Genre: fantasy original and sassy women (the opposite of the bed-Bit?)
summary: a writing of rare quality that describes the child as it is and not as the adults fantasize once they are out. Murder and treachery small. All age groups.

The Fluink

Genre: experimental accessible
summary: it is possible to completely revolutionize the graphic form of comics while offering a true story, the authors of Fluink are not the first to show but their world, strange and poetic, is probably one of the most that is endearing.

Freaks' Squeele
Genre: various inspirations, action, humor, charismatic
summary: a university to learn the crazy super-heroism. A French comic strip drawing codes and manga comics and managing to reinvent the digest and beautiful way.

The Invisible Art

Gender Test
summary: When Scott McCloud explains something, it is advisable to pay attention. The guy knows what he's talking, and in addition, its about teaching is clear, both in substance and form. A must for any author, even recommended to readers.

Luther Arkwright
Genre: uchronia complex (visual prowess)
summary: science fiction and steampunk are here magnified by drawing a staggering virtuosity. Bryan Talbot is a genius, any person claiming an interest in BD is one day to lick their plates the next (and only the eyes, because otherwise it's disgusting and it is useless).

Genre: historical thriller
summary: a true story involving Eliot Ness and the first serial killer in history! The huge Bendis.

Genre: unclassifiable, mysteries and strange neighbors (a wonder!)
summary: it, it does perhaps not please everyone is special, we do not really know where you are going, but ... it works.


Genre: essential masterpiece
summary: a classic, a time limit and giving more artistic acclaim in such super-heroic than he "said" or diverts codes. Brilliant, both in substance and form.

Genre: thriller / creepy atmosphere / waking nightmare

Summary: between a whiskey enema murder or theft of fetus, Richard Fell will discover Snowtown and fauna. A cop faced with the daily horror and exhausting task of attempting to ... protect and serve.