Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halo: Uprising

Halo: Uprising

Science fiction today with Halo: Uprising, a comic from the world of the famous video game.

The Covenant (a kind of alien coalition) are launching an assault against Cleveland, decimating many civilians. Ruwan Ackerson, a simple hotel concierge, tries to survive the fighting in the company of a popular singer.
The young man was soon to learn that the invaders are looking for a mysterious relic, he knows well. Dragged along in the conflict, Ruwan will have to demonstrate exceptional courage ... because it will depend on the success of an operation of last resort, launched by the forces of the UNSC (United Nations Space Command).

The duo at the helm of this mini-series foreshadowed the best, Brian Michael Bendis to the scenario, Alex Maleev drawing, the duo who had worked wonders on Daredevil was thus restored.
Unfortunately, the two friends do not know the same success here.
Not only the style of Maleev be quite sore fight scenes that are sometimes very difficult to read and very static but Bendis, at least during the first part of the book, is in search of inspiration and delivers dialogues and confusing repetitive, somewhat in the style of what we had for a time after the relaunch of Ultimate Spider-Man (see this column).
The Halo universe is very little developed, and readers who ignores video games (this story is between Halo 2 and Halo 3) will proceed by trial and error and deduction to find out. There is the story of key that is a pretty good idea and the final that manages to install a little emotion, but the whole is well below what one could expect from these authors.

As for the vagueness in which we are immersed, Panini splits a small speech by way of introduction, but again the editor is in vain. The bulk of the text boasts the commercial success of the franchise and the three lines on poor history explain nothing and are content to disclose the beginning of the plot.
No single explanation of the Covenant, the UNSC or John-117. The bare minimum would however been to the scene, even briefly, but apparently it's occurred to anyone. Or stickers vendors believe that everyone has an Xbox.

A story that just to take off, a part of which we know nothing, Bendis in a small form ... Briefly, a variation paper will only interest fans of the game, and again.