Tuesday, November 15, 2011

dc universe online legends #16

the brainiac is attacking the planet of sinistro corps,the thing is ......the sinistro corps is just way tooo easy to kill......what happen here?something must be wrong here and Hal jordan notice that he investigate the planet (while the other warned him not to go to the planet all by himself....what jordan thought was right ....the exobyte destroyed the power source off the Yellow lantern ....this explain why they've been beaten so easily...and alll of sudden sinistro attacked jordan from behind..... are they gonna fight ?or they will join forces to beat brainiac ????

a classic neverending fight between yellow and green ,and the stupid thing is sinistro didn't even know that the exobyte is NOT from the green lantern,as we all know a lantern only fight with ring and costume :D....never bring up a robot ,exobyte etc !

overall this is a good story
8/10 for rating