Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DC Comics - Green Lantern Corps #2

DC Comics - Green Lantern Corps #2
DC Comics: Green Lantern # 2
Screenplay: Peter J. Tomasi
Design: Fernando Pasarin
Edition: DC Comics
$ 2.99 - 32 pages - Rated T - Ongoing

Here we are as a result of the team of Green Lanterns, I named, The Green Lantern Corps!
At the end of the first issue, the team went on Nerro to discover a planet emptied of water and its inhabitants killed, and two Green Lanterns impaled, does this cover will not forget!

The Lantern recovered the bodies of their own to offer them a burial, we find that the water was sent on an unknown planet or a bad recovery, but they are interrupted due to a problem on the planet Xabas.

Planet or visited the team's Green Lantern Corps, a portal formed and absorbs the vegetation gradually ...
First water Nerro now Xabas trees, which may well need for natural resources in such quantities, and most importantly, why? But the answer will not come, as they spend this kind of a closed gate, but then they think it will work, since ninjas armed with fluorescent tubes out of the gate by destroying the "plug"

Yes, must not be allergic to the color green, or colorblind, but at least if you forgot, you know what the color green, and you read the Green Lantern, really, just in case.
But the ninjas resist the power of the salad ~ Green Lantern! Then , a Green Lantern Reptiloids decided to dive into the portal to get "cut" the source. And close the gate, the Power Rangers Power Green Greenish tones can all use all their will through the rings ...

Eh beh, one wonders if they work not in the sweet ones for Greenpeace. Green everywhere, in all grades. But while ninjas are captured and interrogated, Isamot emerges from the portal dismembered. More arms, no legs. ^
The portal is growing then release hundreds of fluorescent NINJAS

And of course, the suite is the next episode!

Conclusion: From castagne, and greenery. The green. around the green. all colors available in green, it is almost blinding, in case you don't know what the color green, then yes this article is useless, but it was necessary to fill the ubiquity of green in this issue.
There's the good castagne galore, and there is a demonstration of capacity and power of the Green Lantern.the Green Party shows us all with a rather nice feature. The scenario is simple but it suits me for now, very soon for a # 3!