Tuesday, November 15, 2011



DC easily won the comic shop business fight in September, topping Marvel by over 13 share points. DC’s massive win in October follows a significantly narrower win in September, when DC capped Marvel by under half a place (see “DC Wins September Market Share”), its first share of the market win in recent memory.

DC were built with a dollar share of 42.47% in comic stores in October, in comparison to 29.10% for Marvel. The system share spread was over 20 points, with DC books comprising nearly 51% of models, and Marvel with around a 30% unit share.

DC #2s held the very best six slots within the top comics charts (with Justice League #2 at the forefront at #1), and seven from the top.

The positive annually trend for that over-all market faster in October, with comics up 24% over October 2010, graphic novels lower 13%, and also the total of comics and graphic novels up 12% versus. 2010.

The October growth for that over-all market drawn in the year-to-date amounts close to a couplePercent decline in comics and graphic novel sales for that first ten several weeks of 2011, in comparison towards the same period this year. That number has been enhancing going back three several weeks. Comics are nearly flat for that year (lower .23%), and graphic novels are lower just a little over 5% (lower 5.39%), getting the over-all sell to single.93% decline year-to-date over 2010.

If current trends continue, 2011 will finish up becoming an up year for comics and graphic novels in comic stores, an amazing turnaround from dismal trends as recent as This summer.

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