Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DC Comics - Wonder Woman #2

DC Comics - Wonder Woman #2

DC Comics: Wonder Woman # 2
Writer: Brian Azzarello
Drawing: Cliff Chiang
Edition: DC Comics
$ 2.99 - 32 pages - Rated T - Ongoing

As good news never comes alone, I add the second number in the wake! It is therefore taking Amazon with Princess Diana. With Zola, the girl from Virginia, and Hermes, Azzarello and Chiang always in command of the Homeric epic, but it starts elsewhere, far from all these players ...

Somewhere on Mount Olympus, the silhouette a peacock feather dress in the first issue was discovered, and it is Hera, the wife of Zeus, and see that Zola has survived, it enrages literally! While approaching a girl has the look rather strange, excessive makeup, dress in poor condition and a shaved head, she call'd Hera, Mom.
Hera Hermes said Zola made ​​sure to survive, and thus that the child is Zola too. Or a goddess, Hera, moreover, can not tolerate a woman wearing a bastard in it, and who sleeps with her ​​husband, there is a price to pay! The girl offers her help and asked where to find the culprits, the great goddess said they are on Paradise Island

We find, therefore, Hermes, Diana and Zola on said island, Diana walks and a voice rises and asks them who they are, Diana speaks for the daughter of Hippolyta, their access will then see easily, then this happens last, and Queen and Princess are facing, as Mother and daughter find themselves.

Amazon life take its course, fun and struggle out Diana has said he and his mother says she does not know what to expect.
For its part Zola and Hermes discuss, and the latter asked him what form Zeus seduced you it. Connoisseurs of mythology will know that has already emerged as a bull, an eagle, or even sunlight. And in this case it would have taken the appearance ... a road.
Hermes told him to keep this for her, but Zola continued the momentum and wonder why Wonder Woman seems different from the other Amazons.
Hermes tells him when the legend ...

Hippolyta who could not procreate desperately wanted a child, a moonless night she kneads a baby out of clay and asked the gods for a miracle. She collapsed unhappy and tired She was awakened by the baby turned out to be perfect as an Amazon born without male intervention;

For his part Diana is a friendly challenge to fight. A note of the Amazons preoccupied air of Hippolyta and asks what's wrong. The queen replied while if Hera knows the girl who expect the child is illegal on the island, the worst is expected.
As if it had been heard, an explosion takes place in the distance appears the girl with a shaved head, the rush in the Amazon forest in search of a possible enemy. Then one of them dies. then another, then another one. Soon panic and joined the Amazons shouting they are surrounded and the enemy is everywhere and begin to kill each other! Diana will then put a screaming attack that only between Amazons and must cease immediately.

A giant silhouette appears, Wonder Woman recognizes it, it's Strife (the equivalent of Eris, goddess of discord and violence) She said come in peace, saying that all she wanted to s is kissing his little sister. Wonder Woman asks if she knows about Zola, Strife says she does not care about that bastard, and that her sister come to see is it, Diana!

Conclusion: Here we are with a big turnaround in the arms. If Diana was born in Clay without the intervention of a man, how can she be the sister of Strife, daughter of Zeus and so well?!
Azzarello, you win a point! Chiang served us a wonderful feature that is very well highlighted by coloring. The sequence of sporting duel between Diana and the Amazon esr beautiful. Cutting very well done, Hera has a physical Goddess, I ask has more read more!
This comic is a treat for me to be following amateur Myhtologie! I really want to read the # 3 already!