Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Before I talk about the ranking of comics made in America, the month of October, I have a small summary of the previous four versus DC / MARVEL, history to have a good background for understanding the supremacy of DC on new Marvel , at today:

-1-It is not only the Relaunch DC, which provides only the success of DC, but a rise of the Distinguished Competition for at least a year:

DC versus Marvel 1 December we showed that the ranking of the TOP 12 of November saw Number One, Batman and found only three series in the Marvel top.

The number 2 in January showed that the classification of December was dominated (again) with a title Batman: Batman, Dark Knight.Dans the top 10 did not appear as a single Marvel Avengers, lying in eighth place!

Number three, for the classification of February, put in the first Green Lantern, with only (yet) 3 Marvel titles in the top 10.

DC vs. Marvel finally 4 was won by DC hands down, with the Relaunch of New 52, ​​with Batman (again) in first place and only 3 MARVEL TITLES IN TOP 20!

Similarly, I have not listed every month, but Blackest Night, the big DC crossover, dominated for a long time the first 3 (but especially the 1 and 2!) Places and Brightest Day for 2 and 3 first places .

Why this introduction? Because during these periods, except for September, Marvel has dominated in terms of sell-off, DC. However, at the same time, DC has easily dominated the top 10 for at least a year!

So be careful, be aware of what we are talking, when we speak of domination: the financial or the best series! DC dominated by sales of its best series for at least a year or more: Batman, Green Lantern, Blackest Night etc . Marvel has dominated financial market share, but the two rulers during this period were not at the same time the fate of two companies except from September to mark the Relaunch DC.

All this to indicate that the DC Relaunch of September is the result of an increasing quality in DC: a willingness of artists to present a potential readership of the new, never really let respite to the reader: Blackest Night, "death "Batman, The New Krypton Superman, resurrected from the Brightest Day, Flashpoint Flash ...

The month of September had seen DC win the race against Marvel: 43% against 37.8%.
Many sites / blogs (VF) comics had struggled, playing the "experts" to make us believe that this enthusiasm would fall in the month of October, passed the curiosity of the vent: he would never have occurred to them mind, that if there was great enthusiasm, it proved that apart from a simple and ordinary curiosity, these hispanic "revived" had really attracted a readership in search of originality and therefore, it was clear that These readers believe, will throw the following numbers, boosting the phenomenon, and bringing in their car, a new audience, surprised and captured by Relaunch.

As if (and many believed it!) Relaunch was just this announcement effect! Just see the quality group of artists that includes this one: Ivan Reis, Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Francis manipulated Geoff Johns, Tony Daniel, Grant Morrison, Rob Leifield (I quote because I like Deadpool!) and the amazing designer Brett Brooth (on Red Robin) and etc.etc.

How can anyone believe for a moment, that these artists only participate in an announcement effect!? Again it is the desert of criticism that some sites or blogs to convey comic twist!

Proof: The month of October is even more overwhelming numbers of the two DC Relaunch literally crush the competition (Marvel) with a score between 50 and 52% market share for DC! Unheard of for a long time! !

The number of copies is not out yet (note the number before the month is not the number of copies!), But apparently Justice League # 2 would still be more than 200 000 copies of Batman and the Capullo ! NĂ©amoins look at the "small" list of the Top 100 as follows:

TOP 300 COMICS -- October 2011