Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Batman, and snuff movies manhua

Batman, and snuff movies manhua

Small return on Batman: Hong Kong leading the Dark Knight at the gateway to China.

When a hacker is telling the Commissioner Gordon that he was witness to a murder live on the internet, it's hard to believe in the truth of the facts. Yet soon, the witness will suffer the same fate as the first victim. Batman takes hold of the case and will follow a trail that leads straight to Hong Kong.
On site, Batman will find a strange ally in the Night-Dragon and, above all, discovering a war between two brothers, one at the head of the local police, the other leader of a triad. The two men share a dark secret and heavy that haunts them and separated them for a long time.
In a city he does not know in the middle of customs that are not hers, Batman does succeed in finding the perpetrator of heinous crimes filmed?

It's not just Marvel, with its collection Transatlantique, wished to leave to foreign authors the privilege of giving "their" versions of his most famous characters. A few years ago, DC Comics also turned, not to Europe as the House of Ideas, but towards the Asian continent. This gave some rather special adventures, published by Semic (and that can still be found easily on the second hand market).
If Batman: The Child of Dreams was entirely left to the care of Kia Asamiya japonais, a strange duo was formed to the Batman: Hong Kong interest here. The script was given to Doug Moench, an author well-American who worked on various series Marvel and DC (Batman, Green Lantern, Thor, Moon Knight ...), then it's Tony Wong, star of manhua (BD Chinese), which is responsible for the graphics. The artist founded his own publishing house, several of his works have been adapted to film, and is known for a series of action, sometimes very violent, drawing logical in Wushu martial culture and the Chinese. Why add a home to a creative writer ever experienced if you want to get a Batman so that the box? Mystery.

Graphically first, it is undeniable that the result is rather nice. A muscular Batman, the cape that never ends, poses in a string of magnificent scenery sometimes.
The theme of departure is rather interesting and found some of the subtle soul philosophieasiatique ("Unless a man be to become more" for example). Unfortunately, the positives end there.
The case of snuff movies, which could have been very dark and well suited to the world of Dark Knight, is secondary and is quickly replaced by the classic triad with the baston and a family history of vengeance as a caricature that 'unnecessarily bombastic. Worse, Batman acts like the most fool tourists and "slides" on Chinese culture and never try to approach it, merely reproduce the pattern that was his at Gotham ("I work with the head of the police, I knock, I seek an interpreter to bellow orders to civilians ...").
Ultimately, the only apparent change of scenery and the story might as well be located in Germany or Timbuktu (a peak when it retains the services of a local artist).
What a pity that the approach, though laudable, does not lead to a better result ...

Nice planks, where we waited a certain depth, that unfortunately only serve exotic facade.