Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Death of Spider-Man

The Death of Spider-Man (reply with ur email address here and i will give u the DL link :D )

The prologue of Death of Spider-Man figure to the list of Ultimate Spider-Man # 10,
Black Cat has stolen the powerful Zodiac Key, an extraterrestrial artifact that once belonged to the Kingpin. Mysterio, knowing the power of the object will try everything to buy it or ... stealing turn.
Meanwhile, Peter Parker must, by decision of Carol Danvers (see this column), the patron saint of SHIELD, training with superhero confirmed. This is Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, which was chosen to give his first lessons in Weaver. Unfortunately, it has not a clue what it is supposed to teach. It just so to make him see his armory, while teaching him that most superhuman considers it a potential hazard.
Very quickly, however, the teacher and student improvised are interrupted by an alert indicating a flow of energy known from Soho.
Once there, they discover an area completely devastated ...

It slowly approach the saga Death of Spider-Man that will change completely the world of Monte-in-air (hard not to know the consequences as it has given rise to a real hype and the same in newspapers 'generalists', usually reluctant to talk about comics).
It is of course Brian Michael Bendis is left in the scenario, the prime contractor. It is this time accompanied the drawing, by Sara Pichelli and David Lafuente. And graphically, it is not to say that the style of Pichelli is much more pleasant.
The two preludes discussed here are pretty damn good and still have a bit of humor despite the situation quite dramatically. Oddly, one can draw a parallel with Fear Itself is also discussed as a weapon of supernatural nature, and from Egypt (apparently it is there that all criminals will hide their shit harvest).

It does not happen a lot of things in these last episodes (the aspect of "instruction" would have been further particular) but they make you want to jump on the action, which is essential. And then there's obviously this particular tension, related to the title of the arc. It is hoped that, unlike most of the dead in Ultimatum, that of the weaver is lyrical, if not sustainable.

An entry in taking an extra weight by the fact that death is now announced that hangs on the boards.