Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marvel Icons: Iron Man # 500 & New Avengers

Marvel Icons: Iron Man # 500 & New Avengers

Double ration of New Avengers and Iron Man anniversary issue in the Marvel Icons # 9 this month.

The month begins with two episodes of New Avengers. The script is by Brian Michael Bendis, the drawings are by Daniel Acuña for the first part, then Mike Deodato and Howard Chaykin for the second. If Acuña and Deodato are excellent, it is still difficult to get the style of Chaykin (I have already mentioned here and there, I do not return it).
Level history, we are treated to an excellent opening scene between Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. The bride and groom speak particularly about the future of Jessica as a superhero (indeed, the first steps of the young woman, as Jewel, were rather complicated, see the excellent series Alias). On a lighter note, it is also question of its possible future nickname, something that seems much concerned about his friend Luke. O)

After a short confrontation with one of doombots of Doom, it attacks the beginning of a new arc in which the team is attacking a militia formed from former members of the HAMMER, by the very Deirdre sexy Wentworth, alias Superia (even the Avengers are the name sucks). The intervention happens also not very well and ends on a rather disturbing scene ...
A mixture of action and dialogue for friendly episodes rather pleasant to read.

It then connects with Invincible Iron Man, including the special issue celebrating the 500th episode of the series (which thus finds its original numbering for the occasion).
The screenplay is written by Matt Fraction, the boards are the work of Salvador Larroca, Kano, Nathan Fox and Carmine Di Giandomenico. In his editorial, Christian Grasse says that the adventure sailing between past and present, well it's almost that, since in reality, the story takes place today and in 2052, so in ... the future. But hey, it was not easy, and then there are at least a good (of course here I venture to assume that Grasse is from the same timeline as me, otherwise, the description could be right).
The future in question appears fairly apocalyptic, the world being controlled by the Mandarin. In this, Tony Stark, aided by Spider-Man attacks the "Bastards Wilbur Day", a group of fanatics fighting against technology "fascist". One gradually discovers the relationship between these events taking place at different times, however. Nothing really folichon except one or two valves and a few scenes "quiet" sometimes quite poignant (the fighting is, them, honestly drafts).
Apart from the exceptional length of the episode, this issue # 500 does not really stands out by its qualities.

Note that the journal is more expensive than usual (5.60 euros) because, according to the principle of the anniversary paninien must pay the "gifts" that we receive. Yes, it's petty, but no more than to pay for episodes that, at the base, are distributed free.

A birthday a little dull for our tin can, but the Avengers Marvel Icons to make it up.