Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spider-Man: Origin of the Species

Spider-Man: Origin of the Species

Content rather unusual for the Spider-Man Special Edition # 35

In general, Spider-Man Special Edition host sagas somewhat apart, to return to one aspect or character of the classical world (Jackpot in the HS # 34, American Son, in the HS # 33 or Venom in the HS # 28), to revisit a story well known (the Clone Saga in the HS # 32), or to different worlds collide (meeting with Red Sonja, in the HS # 26, or between the universe and the classic Spider-Man 2099, in the HS # 29).
Here, to support its operation Flash-Forward (of reducing the gap between American publications and VF), Panini has decided to publish a wide arc from the series flagship Weaver, Amazing Spider-Man. For readers who usually do not follow this title, published in Spider-Man, so it will first read the end of One Moment in Time (and especially to stop the story) in the Spider-Man # 141, then follow the events of this special edition (which includes the ASM # 642 to # 646), before returning to Spider-Man # 141 to discover later, that is the episode # 647 of Amazing Spider-Man.
For fans of the historical series of Monte-in-air, this is a busy month!

The bow before us today is written by Mark Waid and drawn by Paul Azaceta and Matthew Southworth. As for the look of the inside pages, as opposed to very beautiful covers, it's not really the joy. The faces are mostly of rare ugliness, but some effects are also completely failed (if the powers are Electro rather enhanced, the Sand Man strikes do not look like much). The ink, often rude, does not help the matter. I'll let you discover some boxes example, at the end of the article.
The narrative, thankfully, it is rather well done.
Threat, the former girlfriend of Harry Osborn, pregnant with her father (Norman therefore, see Spider-Man # 124), gives birth in full Coffee Bean, while Peter tries to dredge Carlie Cooper. So, Spidey comes in and will have to wrestle the baby, target of a bunch of villains (the Shocker, Octopus, Tombstone, the new Eagle, Spot, and many others) who want to get their hands on.

Spider-Man's classic, with lots of enemies, a big final revelation and a touch of humor. The beginning is especially funny enough. Peter, unemployed since the Jameson turned, unable to pay its share of the rent (yes, age, and given his powers and his IQ is lamentable, but hey, it seems that it's part of the "fundamentals" of the character), suddenly, her roommate, out of patience, sold his clothes. It is thus in pull (and again, a gag gift) with a terrible heat.
That said, it's seeing this sweater, supposed to be corny, I've realized that those that buy my grandmother (being serious) when I was little, were much worse. Yes, I knew a lot of suffering as a young clothing. Including the famous pants strumming or sub-jumpers who electrified hair (like they do not talk about that in our years Strange, I was marked me yet).

Good Waid, with the valve and castagne but deserved a drawing of a new level.