Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Batman And Robin #3

Batman And Robin #3

Type: Comics
Genres: Superhero
Series: Batman and Robin
Publisher: DC Comics
Pub. Date: November 09, 2011
Availability: Released

As Robin does all he can to keep his own killer instincts at bay, Batman focuses his energies on Nobody, the deadly enigma from Bruce's past who has arrived in Gotham and is hellbent on forcing him to accept a new world crimefighting view even as he infiltrates the Waynes' personal lives.

Batman and Robin #3 hits stores on Wednesday, but you don’t have to wait till then to take a peek. i'm excited to bring you this six-page exclusive from DC Comics’ Batman family of titles. Batman and Robin is one of the better books from DC’s relaunch, in my opinion. I just picked up the first two issues and then read the preview, and I have to say that Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are knocking it out issue after issue.
When Grant Morrison first brought Damian onto the scene, I liked him. However the character grew tiresome after awhile.
Then, Tomasi teamed him up with Dick Graysonin the previous volume of Batman and Robin. It was a very unique dynamic, and one that even Dick and Tim Drake’s brotherly relationship never touched upon. Damian was a brat-plus. Dick did his best to keep him in check, but he was no Bruce Wayne.
You always wondered just how Bruce would react if it were him on patrol with his son.

Oh, and thank God for Alfred. His patience for all of the boys is phenomenal, almost saintly. And I’m definitely including Bruce into that grouping.
In the next pages, you get to see the trademarked “Stay put” instruction from Batman to Robin.

It’s funny, you always know how that’s going to turn out. We’ve seen it with Dick; we’ve seen it with Jason; we’ve seen it with Tim. We sure saw it with poor Stephanie Brown. So, do you think the world’s greatest detective knew this Robin would be flying the coop? Probably. We, at least, see that Alfred had an inkling this might happen.


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