Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fear Itself: first chapter of Marvel new event

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The first volume of Fear Itself . First impressions.

After a riot in southern Manhattan, the Avengers are a bit poor. Tony Stark then suggests an idea to help people hit by the crisis. It offers in fact, through his new company, Stark Resistance, to rebuild a new Asgard (the previous one having been destroyed during the final assault against Osborn and his forces, see Siege).
Iron Man, Captain America and Thor make the project during a public announcement but Broxton Odin, he does not listen well.
Not wishing to seek the help of men, he ordered his men to leave the Earth and gather at the foot of the World Tree.
For its part, Sin took possession of the hammer divine Skadi, a very powerful weapon discovered during the war by his father (see the prologue).

This time we enter the center of things with this first chapter of Fear Itself. The screenplay is by Matt Fraction, the drawings are by Stuart Immonen.
Graphically, it offers a high quality board (very different, obviously, a Nextwave for example). Everything is beautifully colorized by Laura Martin (who had officiated on Astonishing X-Men, Rocketeer, The Stand, or I am Legion).
The magazine is priced at 4 euros and has a big episode of 44 boards (and some variant covers). The translation, it is provided by Jeremy Manesse.

Obviously it's a bit like a kind of development that we are witnessing here. The tone is downright apocalyptic (men abandoned by the gods) and the theme, as expected, then in Norse mythology. Similarly, the populace, against the backdrop of financial crisis, riots and expropriation, not much better treated as heroes. As for Sin, it makes an opponent more than adequate, especially as it is now the instrument of vengeance a terrible entity (in addition to being the heir of a Nazi, which is a lot still for one person).
Fraction reaches for the moment to live Norse gods and the modern world without being too shocking and, more importantly, it encourages them to discover later, referring to the Worthy, the villains marvelverse converted into divine warriors. A concept quite well and found that, in context, a little hints "kurumadiens". If Fear Itself became the Saint Seiya Marvel, that that would not displease me, but it is still too early to know whether the comparison will hold the road.

A successful kick-off that makes you want to immerse themselves in the saga