Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DUel between superheroes !

Fighting anthology
Although comics have changed enormously in recent years, it is an area that continues well within them, is that of confrontation. The primitive instinct that drives us to fuck off our neighbors to the sophisticated tactical assault thoughts for centuries, many parameters make brute force is not enough to win a fight. Rather than on behalf of fans who think that "so and so can get rid of thing in a jiffy", why not list the best-of clashes the most significant?
1. Duel Sentry / Iron Man

Winner: Iron Man
Damage (s) for the loser: offset
Combat zone: urban
Series: Iron Man
Impact: negligible
The fight takes place in the Iron Man series. The government and SHIELD believe that Stark is a murderer and they send Sentry to solve the problem. A priori, it is folded. Sentry is a kind of Superman (or Hyperion to stay at Marvel level comparisons). Yet not only Iron Man pretty good cash, but mostly they are going to put his opponent to his knees. It infiltrates Cloc, the computer created by Reed Richards to plan priorities for interventions Sentry, and because such a "mess" that Reynolds finally ashore alive, undefeated, but unable to react.
It may be noted here two distinct elements: one side ultra-fragile Reynolds despite a staggering theoretical capacity, on the other hand the incredible resilience of Stark, who, again, is evidence of a cool uncommon (and which brings a real plus "non-technological").
This fight seems instructive to more than one way, not only is it a crushing defeat for Sentry, but mostly it is caused by a "simple" man without power. Well, ok, Stark, this is not the first comer. Founding member of the Avengers, scientific engineering, captain of industry, former Defense Minister ... this is not the first behind-savate that passes, we agree. But still, defeat Sentry, I have a feeling it will not be something that we often see again ...
Finally, one can also notice that for each protagonist, the cause is "just".

2. Duel Sentry / Carnage

Winner: Sentry
Damage (s) for the loser: Violent death
Combat zone: the Inside (Raft of Ryker's Island) and space
Series: New Avengers
Impact: minor for now
The fight takes place in the New Avengers series, while a mass breakout takes place at the Raft. To say that everything is "fast" set. Sentry grabs Carnage, leading directly into space, then "rips" literally in the air. This is an opportunity to see the striking power of the Sentry but he has little trouble to eliminate his opponents openly. Note that Carnage is not a bad second-class Sentry arises directly as someone to be reckoned with.

3. Duel Wolverine / Punisher

Winner: Punisher
Damage (s) for the loser: Multiple but canceled by the healing factor
Combat zone: tunnels, underground environment
Series: mini-series Wolverine / Punisher
Implications: these two will not be the best friends in the world ...
Logan is throwing hostilities following a misunderstanding (cf "Intimate Enemies" in 100% Marvel: Punisher # 6) but that he suffered the first damage: a discharge of shotgun in the face. Wolverine will replicate and wound superficially Castle which, to him, take the lead with a shot baseball bat in the ... parts of the claw! In the end, it will complete the Canadian by passing it under a steamroller.
The Punisher is not in lace and inventiveness, determination, and its arsenal tip the balance in his favor. However, adding he knows he will not kill Wolves, which is why he does not wear gloves. This scraped against the war machine that is Logan still seems somewhat "lucky".

4. Duel Spider-Man/Morlun

Winner: Morlun
Damage (s) for the loser: Serious injuries resulting in death
Combat zone: urban
Series: Amazing Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Marvel Knights: Spider-Man
Implications: Peter comes back to life, even more powerful by accepting the spider part of his personality
This is not the first time the Weaver faced Morlun (see episodes Straczynski reprinted in Marvel Premium) but this second meeting is the most violent. It takes place during the recent crossover The Other. The fight takes place in the city, Spider-Man defends himself well but he can not fight against the power and rage Morlun. It will even snatch a look (and eat it, ick). Spidey will reach all the same, once in the hospital to remove the threat Morlun. This last effort cost him also (apparently) life.
Even if one can consider that in the end, Spider-Man wins the street fight was won handily by a Morlun loose. Parker is also beaten so that his face became unrecognizable. And then, when we swallow is an eye, we can not possibly claim to have flown over confrontation. O)

5. Duel Jewel / Purple Man

Winner: Purple Man
Damage (s) for the loser: Shock important psychological
Combat zone: urban
Series: Alias
Implications: Jewel ended his career as a superhero
To say that the first confrontation between Jessica Jones and Zebediah Killgrave goes wrong. Despite significant powers (super strength, ability to fly), Jewel proves to be particularly vulnerable to attacks psi. The young woman is eight months and remain under the mental domination of the Purple Man. The latter to even attack the Avengers (and incidentally to take a good beating). The psychological trauma is immense for Jessica. If later it reaches its old demons to overcome, especially with the help of Carol Danvers, the loss will be fatal to the career of Jewel who abandons his role as super-heroine for the job, after all, less risky, detective private sectors.

6. Duel Wolverine / Captain America

Winner: Draw
Damage (s) for the loser: not applicable
Combat zone: plain, clear out
Series: Wolverine: Origins
Impact: negligible
In the series Wolverine: Origins, the president himself who asks Cap to go "calm" our friend Wolves. Combat is violent but it is unclear whether one of them has got the frankly. Apart from minor injuries, including Cap manages to crush the tendons of the forearm of Logan, which has the effect of preventing him from using his claws. Wolverine Cap replica severely injuring his thigh, causing him a massive hematoma due to a false aneurysm of the aorta. Finally, note that also hurts Cap Wolverine using the Muramasa sword (it smells like "Kill Bill") which has the distinction of causing wounds that heal poorly, even when one has a healing factor.
It is recognized both by tactical Captain America but also the knowledge of martial exceptional Wolverine. The two seem evenly matched, none clearly taking enough so that we can determine a winner. In any case, both cash and know how hard hit. O)

7. Duel Spider-Man/Kraven

Winner: Kraven
Damage (s) for the loser: drugged and kept in a coma for two weeks
Combat zone: urban areas (rooftops)
Series: Web of Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man
Implications: suicide winner
Clashes between Weaver and Kraven have been many over the years, but the most famous is probably their final confrontation in "The last hunt of Kraven" (available in Marvel Best-Of). Sergei Kravinoff Spidey manages to touch with a poisoned dart. Drugs, Weaver can no longer avoid the shots that capture Kraven and seems to finish a shot. But Spider-Man is not dead, it is kept in a sort of coma for two weeks, during which time Sergei at the gates of insanity, will take his place.
This confrontation is pathetic in more ways than one. Kraven is chasing an honor he believes he lost since his flight from Russia but also, after defeating his worst enemy, he decides to end her life. If he found a brief moment of peace, he did not know maybe it was his anger that kept him alive. Kraven has not enjoyed for a long time his sad victory, but found that honor he sought for so many years. On his grave are these words: "Here lies Sergei Kravinoff - Kraven the Hunter - His death was honorable."

8. Duel Spider-Man/Wolverine

Winner: Wolverine
Damage (s) for the loser: loss of consciousness
Combat zone: inside (the Avengers Tower)
Series: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man
Impact: negligible
Shortly after Spidey and his wife (and aunt, it will never get rid!) Have moved into the tower of the Avengers, Peter made some remonstrances to Logan that he is too "interested" by MJ. After the shouting match, the following workout suddenly becomes very muscular. Wolves "plant" even Spidey with his claws. For the mutant, it is only a scratch (in any case, with Logan, as it will not restart with the head under his arm, he considers that it does not matter) but, of course, Spider-Man takes up too badly and level up a notch response (but not do much wrong with Wolverine who, feeling perhaps a little guilty, leaves a little to do). Finally, after much off steam and have lost much blood, Spider-Man collapses, unconscious, while Wolverine seems as fresh as if it came out of the shower.
This is not a fight here "real" but rather an extensive training or even frankly "manly" to the understatement. Note that one can also consider, at the outlet of Weaver, he is weakened at the time by an average health status (announcing its future transformation in "The Other").

9. Duel Spider-Man/Venom

Winner: Spider-Man
Damage (s) for the loser: loss of consciousness
Combat zone: outside & inside (house on stilts + aquatic environment)
Series: Amazing Spider-Man
Impact: negligible
Since the friend Ber rattle his idol loses all his fights so far (but yeah, it's bad, it's all wrong, lol), hop, and finally a victory for Weaver, not least because unhooked against Venom.
Spidey seems rather outdated in the first place. Part of the symbiote slides under the sand and took the rear. Worse, Venom has the particularity of not trigger his famous spider sense, he can not feel the blows coming (and then some cash). Spider-Man tries to push the symbiote by burning, but the water nearby allows Venom to quickly get out of bad situation. The weaver has, however, ideas, and he tries, using a tracer, to compensate for the loss of his sixth sense, but quickly got rid of the symbiote. Finally, it is on a bluff that Spidey is doing. He appealed to the symbiote and offered him to join him (he was its first host). The alien is still "in love" with him (in the words of Peter) the symbiote attempts to merge with him again but he can not fully break its links with Eddie Brock. The effort and knocks them both.
The victory may seem far-fetched but do not forget that Spider-Man is far from being, brute force, most powerful Marvel heroes. It compensates for some shortcomings, however, one unusual resourcefulness that allows it to adapt and often find fault with his opponent.

10. Duel Sentry / Wolverine

Winner: Sentry
Damage (s) for the loser: loss of consciousness, delivered to the SHIELD
Combat zone: within
Series: Wolverine
Impact: negligible
This is a fight between recent and smoothly conducted an ultra-powerful Sentry and Wolverine nearly, if not invincible, despite his talents as a fighter, at least almost immortal thanks to his healing factor. While Logan plays the cool, even allowing himself a valve (he calls Sentry "Babe" and not "Bob"), the toughness is not enough to such an opponent. Reynolds does not like what he does, he enjoys the sign clawed mutant. Many times, it will clearly express regret or reluctance to fight ("I do not want to do that", "I had no choice", etc.)..
Wolverine can not fight at any time it appears able to counter Sentry will also grind his hands and tearing her tendons moult.
If we had already seen the power of Sentry at the shredding of Carnage (cf duel # 2), this easy victory against a sacred old timers, almost more chilling yet.

11. Duel Daredevil / Kingpin

Winner: Daredevil
Damage (s) for the loser: KO!
Combat zone: within
Series: Daredevil
Implications: Daredevil is the Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen and starts back for a while, some heroes who disagree with his methods
The Kingpin gets over the Owl and tries to regain its influence. He even ordered coldly, by phone, rape and murder of the wife of one of his men, who challenged his authority, when Daredevil arrives. Both men have suffered setbacks. Wilson Fisk was betrayed by his son, his wife, his men. Matt Murdock, himself, faces the worst killers and, in addition, the police on the back. They are at the end. Nevertheless, they are still ready to fight. They are there for one another, carried by the mutual hatred they are dedicated.
Combat is extremely violent. At the old. With blood flowing and bones that break.
In the end, Daredevil stands, his worst enemy at his feet. Hallucinated, it is then a particularly virulent speech at the neighborhood of small strikes and Fisk's henchmen.
"I beat him with his bare hands, so I was able to do that to him, imagine what I'll do to you! I no longer protects this neighborhood, I head!"
A fight at once lyrical and violent, causing Daredevil to assume its dark side. After many low blows, the victory rings as both an issue but also as a tilting of the looking glass, in an inner Apocalypse would not have disowned Nietzsche.
A look over the abyss ...

12. Duel Daredevil / Bullseye

Winner: Bullseye
Damage (s) for the loser: many blows, a shuriken in the shoulder and a bullet wound
Combat zone: a church
Series: Daredevil
Implications: for big blues Murdock after the death of Karen Page
Memorable fight between Red Devil and Bullseye does not hesitate to use his own broken teeth as projectiles! Knowing how dangerous an opponent is Daredevil, Bullseye will deviate from its principles and use a firearm. Murdock defends himself as best he could but his opponent gets the upper hand, inflicting a beating in order. But the worst is yet to come as Karen Page, on the premises, will be mortally wounded in the confrontation, Bullseye him piercing his chest with one of the sticks Daredevil.
A church is perhaps not the best ring when wearing an outfit of the devil. This has certainly not brought luck to that poor Matt who, in addition to roust a memorable loses his former girlfriend. For the record, the last words of Karen, dying in the arms of Murdock, were: "I'll miss you ..."

13. Duel Hulk / Silver Surfer

Winner: Hulk
Damage (s) for the loser: KO
Combat zone: an arena
Series: Hulk
Impact: release of Surfer
While Hulk is still on Sakaar as a gladiator, he must confront the Surfer to regain his freedom. Hulk is helped by its lees in War but they were quickly defeated. Hulk, having suffered a first stroke very violent, eventually breaking the record of obedience which forced the Surfer to combat. Carried away by his anger, the green giant stun Surfer while the latter thanked him.
Note, despite this victory, the Surfer was somewhat disadvantaged by not being able to use his cosmic power because of the famous disk.
A fight that ends well and that applies especially to the original setting and atmosphere peplum.

14. Duel Thor / Iron Man

Winner: Thor
Damage (s) for the loser: armor destroyed, a few bruises and a fright
Combat zone: New Orleans, outside
Series: Mighty Thor
Impact: The American government recognizes as an independent entity Asgard and Thor is no longer affected by the census law
Thor is very slightly back against Tony Stark, the latter having created a monster, responsible for the death of Goliath, by stealing his genetic code. The Asgardian feels betrayed and is the first time. Response, but Iron Man Stark technology does not even flicker the Norse god. Not only did he not retain his blows, but by unleashing a thunderbolt from heaven, it triggers a release electromagnetic grid of the precious armor Stark.
Between man stuck in a metal shell become useless and the divine nature of the mighty Thor, no photograph. The head of SHIELD can do nothing and suffers a crushing humiliation. After holding a hand and then dropped like ... a shit, frankly, Thor Tony promises to the poor they will eventually their latest "discussion".
Like what, it's better to be wary of blond look heroic-fantasy.

15. Duel Spider-Woman (Arachne) / Ms. Marvel

Winner: Ms. Marvel
Damage (s) for the loser: imprisoned, separated from her daughter
Combat zone: a road in Pennsylvania and the yard of a house in Colorado
Series: Ms. Marvel
Implications: Carol Danvers questioned the validity of his mission, Julia Carpenter eventually join Omega Flight
First point out that Spider-Woman in question is not Jessica Drew and Julia Carpenter Avengers but who is now also called Arachne. The fight takes place during the Civil War and takes place in two rounds. At first, Carol Danvers tries to catch Spider-Woman, while the latter tries to escape by car to Canada to escape the Census Act of superhuman. Julia manages to resist and get rid of both Carol and Ms. Marvel Wonder Man, but goes into high gear and tears one of the tires of the vehicle which then left barrel and threatens to crash into a truck. Julia takes advantage of the chaos to escape. No benefit has been actually taken one side or the other yet.
The second confrontation took place in Julia Carpenter in Denver, Colorado. The SHIELD is launching an assault on the family home when Julia came to retrieve his daughter before leaving for abroad. Ms. Marvel is still supported by Wonder Man, but also by AraƱa. Arachne attempts to negotiate to prevent her daughter Carol is wounded but refused to let her go. Julia defended himself quite well and has several shots at his assailants, causing thereby a lot of damage to housing. Ms. Marvel finally over and "reach" Arachne in front of her daughter.
No one emerges unscathed psychologically crazy this fight: Carol doubt more and more choices, for Julia, she can only weep bitterly of his cell, thinking of his little girl that has been torn off.
This is a fight women more pathetic than sexy and proves that blondes also know pretty banging.

16. Duel Spider-Woman/Taskmaster

Winner: Spider-Woman
Damage (s) for the loser: a sword in the belly!
Combat zone: in front of the Excelsior, a London nightclub
Series: Spider-Woman: Origin
Implications:. /.
A new Spider-Woman, but this time it is dark because it is the fascinating Jessica Drew. The fight is from the update of its origins by Bendis (in a mini-series dating from September 2006 for VF). She faces Taskmaster, the master who taught him the art of fighting. They are surrounded by armed members of the Hydra. The Bee Master uses both a gun and a sword. He manages to hurt Jessica's arm, but it avoids the blow he intended for her and the fact fall. Spider-Woman grabs the sword of Taskmaster and then he would shoot him, pierces with his own blade.
"I dreamed" he will say it so terse as she savored her victory, planted hard look in the eyes of his opponent in agony.

17. Duel Hulk / Thing

Winner: Hulk
Damage (s) for the loser: KO
Combat zone: New York
Series: World War Hulk
Impact: New York's heroes are put out of harm's way and kidnapped by the army of Hulk
This is a fight that responds to the traditional question arose some fans for a long time, namely, who is the stronger Hulk or the Thing?
When the fight begins, Hulk appears, majestic body in flames. He has been heavily "on" the torch he has overcome. Next is "the Apollo of Yancy Street" to come to the castagne. The shock of unprecedented violence, the thing is a string of blows to the face, in the ribs, but the giant jade does not flinch. Instead, he responds by violently crushing the head of poor Ben Grimm in his fists. The thing is, despite its strength and resistance, could do nothing against the Hulk in the phenomenal power.
Let's mention that despite his rage, Hulk careful not to kill his opponents. They still remember the little waltz with her.