Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Hulk

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Red Hulk, sometimes called as Rulk is a character belonging to the universe of Marvel Comics. It was created by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, and appeared for the first time in Hulk vol.3 # 1.
The identity of Red Hulk has just been revealed recently, it is actually of General Ross. Red Hulk made himself famous by killing the Abomination, one of the worst enemies of Hulk. To differentiate it from his alter ego Green, creators of the character's name refers to the Rulk, a  contraction of "Red" and "Hulk."
red Hulk possesses superhuman strength, probably well over 100 tons, which he demonstrated by hitting A-Bomb (aka Rick Jones), causing an earthquake of level 10 and a deep rift at least 10 km in Earth's crust. In doing so, he released from prison Banner.During a fight, he easily stopped a punch of green Hulk loose, and broke his arm making him a choke hold. Hulk has almost sunk into unconsciousness, Rulk changed his mind to be able to shoot in public and counter the hammer Mjolnir still held by Thor.Red Hulk is virtually invulnerable. His skin can withstand machine gun fire very large size, as well as high-powered shots of A-Bomb and Hulk. He cashed the blow of the hammer of Thor without flinching, just slightly scarred face (which healed). His skin regenerates quickly when injured, that only manage to make the claws and sharp teeth of A-Bomb, or Wendigo and Wolverine.Like Hulk, he is able to cross many miles in a single bound. He, taking Thor jumped up and even from orbit the moon, was propelled to the Earth at an impressive rate.The body of Rulk is so radioactive that soil is vitrified in its path; Banner found that the radiation was proportional to the anger of the subject. He has other powers to come.As more Hulk not Banner's mind is uncontrollable, the writers of the series thus have imagined him to confront alternate versions of himself: Grey Hulk, Simon Williams1, Maestro, Flux, Skaar, Ravage, John Eisenhart2 , She-Hulk ....i personally prefer Red hulk rather than the green one hehehe