Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the new story of Hulk ! and the rest of the heroes,banner= mad scientist ??

Hulk vs the Hulk out sharks that has been mutated by gamma radiation made by banner

The Shattered Heroes Marvel Must Mend

The earth is becoming broken, torn asunder in the fear-inspiring all-father and 8 "worthy" gods who introduced their wrath to Midgard, Earth. Becoming an eye toward hopelessness scans the horizon, you're ready to reconcile the wrongs:

It's for your Shattered Heroes to produce amends.

In October 2011, since the Fear Itself event concludes, comic site visitors have found you will notice another breathtaking saga unfolding inside the Marvel World. Referred to as Shattered Heroes, there is no true indication to the level of density and overall crossover in the occasions.

Within the following

As pointed out, Shattered Heroes is when the heroes obtain the pieces and resume their lives after Fear Itself, however this may also allow you to place the next (they're Fear Itself Spoilers, incidentally.):

When he was Nul in the Worthy, Hulk destroyed their very own Hammer. This freed Nul to roam the earth.

The weapons of Uru crafted by Tony Stark were re-melted at Svartalfheim they forget about exist.

Thor was destroyed when he slew The Serpent.

Captain America's shield was shattered with the Serpent, but later reforged in Svartalfheim. Now it's cracks within it, but is mentioned being more resilient than in the past.

Bucky, who was simply wearing the Captain America costume, was seen wounded and apparently destroyed by Skadi Steve Rogers is becoming wearing the star-spangled layer again.

Odin appears to own banned all the Asgardians from Odin-Space now their stuck on earth.

(March 19. 2011) This is actually the primary part of this site website landing page for Shattered Heroes

A direct consequence around the globe-shaking battles of Fear Itself, Asgardians Weapons still remain. The Hammer of Skadi remains quieted away by Captain America, but you will discover others still hidden around the globe. What continues next might be the ultimate saga in the earth's fear. For Whosoever props up hammer of .... realize.


000 Fear Itself #7 The epilogue from the problem becomes the prologue for Shattered Heroes.

Sin, formerly Skadi, is retrieved by mysterious allies who revive and convince her to get the missing Hammers. This becomes worries Itself: The Courageous series.

Hulk and Bruce Banner in some manner separate with no more share the identical host. This becomes the completely new Incredible Hulk series.

A mysterious named Marcus Manley becomes most likely probably the most wanted guy alive as well as the finest secret on earth, concluding inside the series Battles Scars.

Nul, now free from his Hammer, expects the earth and Hulk appears within the doorstep of Dr. Strange. This because the beginning of the completely new Defenders series.

001 Fear Itself 7.1 (Vid detailed account in the Sunday Wake for Bucky Barnes. Furthermore, it introduces the winter season Soldier series. This is a spoiler)

002 Avengers Academy #20 (This issue in the Academy starts off right since the fight involving the Serpent as well as the Avengers finishes, however shoots to momentous options later inside the month. Veil and Speedball decide to quit, Hank decides not to rebuild Infinite Avengers Mansion, relocates his school for the West Coast Avengers Mansion, and reveals towards the superhumans.)

Note: I'll avoid spoilers and hang them within the finish.

Chapter 1

003 Fear Itself: The Courageous #1 (Since Fear Has ended, Valkyrie comes with an problem with Asgardian Weapons within reach of mortals. And he or she does something relating to this.)

004 Avengers #18 (The Avengers Tower has fallen as well as the heroes are retreating for the mansion. This issue begins identifying the long run, who stays and who goes.)

005 Avengers Academy #21 (Captain America, Luke Cage and Hawkeye appear at West Coast Avengers Mansion. Pym formally renames it Avenger's Academy Campus in this particular problem.

006 Fear Itself: The Courageous #2 (Valkyrie heads to Transylvania for Nul's Hammer and encounters Raizo as well as the Pardoned Crossbones is at France and goes following a Hammer of Mokk.)

007 Incredible Hulk #1 (Hulk, now separated from Banner, goes beneath the earth and lives while using Subterraneans. Banner now become madman by mutating animals for a lot of purpose.)