Friday, November 18, 2011

Magneto not a hero #1 review

so there are a lot of protesters the demanding mutant to go away,and all of sudden magneto (or maybe imposter who dress like him ?and have the same ability like him ?) enter the gathering and just kill alll of the people there !

here is the unmasked magneto still confusing of what's going on there,even everyone there like capten america,iron man and cyclops didn't trust him ...iron man needs to change the material of his armor become something rubber-like LOL

so magneto exploring his own memories to find out who is the imposter that have the same power as him

the answer is JOSEPH ( btw who is this joseph anyway ???)

does anybody knows who is joseph ?

sorry i'm not really into x-men so that i know little history about them LOL

so far this is a so so comic for me,the only surprising part is just the magneto "twins" who share the same ability like him
7/10 rating for this comic :)

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