Friday, November 11, 2011

Magneto Not A Hero #1 (of 4)

Magneto Not A Hero #1 (of 4)

By: Skottie Young, Clay Mann
Type: Comics
Genres: Superhero
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Pub. Date: November 09, 2011
Availability: Not Available
UPC: 75960607672700111

Written by SKOTTIE YOUNG cover and drawed by CLAY MANN The X-Men are shaken when Magneto goes crazy villain again. The Magnetism master is caught on cctv murdering the members of an anti-mutant group. Why did he discard everything he's gained with the X-Men?
Or is because this just the only time he got caught? This new series by CLAY MANN (X-MEN LEGACY) and SKOTTIE YOUNG (WIZARD OF OZ) can change how you look at the best X-Villain of the history 32 PGS./Parental Advisory

MAGNETO is probably one of the most controversial figures mutants of the Marvel Universe. Difficult to determine whether it is a hero or a villain out of class, a bloody dictator or a freedom fighter of his own. This is a terrorist or the Messiah of the mutants? It was even the director of the Xavier Institute, and the teacher of the New Mutants in the 80's! If returned to the bosom of the X-Men and has acquired yet another line, we will discover in November in the miniseries telling: Magneto: Not a Hero, signed Skotte Young and Clay Mann. In the words of Skotte the writer: "No matter how much the X-Men Magneto trust, they should never lower their guard completely," but also "It's a mini Magneto during which he will have to face that really is. A problem of identity. "In short, should we expect that the character for once again become a bad guy? For the record, we have already read two dozen turnovers in this way, not to mention the countless deaths of Magneto, the regress to childish, his catatonic state ... The authors will have to overcome to convince us to invest in this publication. My advice? Give us the Magneto majestic and overpowering the first episodes designed by Jim Lee, for the then new