Thursday, November 17, 2011

incredible Hulk#2

after reading the latest hulk comic book,i just realized why bruce want the hulk come back into his life so badly....he has a tumor ....size of grapefruit !only turning into the hulk is his only way to survive

so that banner sent the hulk out shark to bring hulk back whatever it takes,and kill everyone on his way
how can u blame banner if he only has several months or maybe weeks to live ,right ?

overall this is quite new story of hulk for me ...banner gone crazy with a tumor and only has few months/weeks to live and on the other hand the hulk finally almost found his peace deep underground,without noticing that banner has a tummor...big tummor...
7.5/10 for the rating :)
original article from blog of mine


Anonymous said...

But what do you think of the series so far, u liking it? Also a helpful hint, I find your site to be kinda hard to read, with how the background is n the transparent entries.

kosmiklove said...

yes i like it,i mean i love all the hulk series :D.... but for now Red Hulk is my favorite ... i think he is more badass than the green one :D

as for my background...i think i will change it
thx for the comment anyway ! :D