Friday, November 18, 2011

Green Lantern corps #3

Things go from bad to worse as Guy Gardner and John Stewart’s squad of Green Lanterns is vastly outnumbered by the Intruders, a force that knows how to neutralize any green ring’s power. and no wonder why the green corps is easily defeated

the intruders (human?cyborg?alien?not sure) the have the same source of power as well..yes u're right ..the basiclly the green corps are fighting the willpower with willpower !this is just plain insane ...there is no way the would win this battle !
and the green corps from the basecamp planet noticed they sent more manpower to the alien planet ....joining power with the remain corps there,but even with the help of the fresh lantern...they were still losing !so they teleported back to their original planet....but some of the lantern were left behind !!

yes they are gonna be a prisoner of war for sure !
so just wait for the next issue and see what will happen to them !

good willpower against evil willpower ?wow somethin i never expected before,how come an cyborg could use that kind of power ?they stole it or what ?
but i really like to see some of the lantern become prisoner haha never expected that as well
overall : 8/10
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