Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fear itself (hulk Vs Dracula)

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Victor Gischler

Ryan Stegman

Gabriellel Dell'Otto

Marvel Comics


Wed, September 14th, 2011
FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN Because the possessed, energy-enhanced Hulk wreaks havoc with the country side, just one group stands between him and untold destruction:?The Vampire Nation! Dracula gathers the recently- u . s . vampire scores to prevent the easy, but as attempt after attempt fails, it seems their hope might be a mysterious stranger from Dracula’s past. Marvel builder Victor Gischler and artist-to-watch Ryan Stegman deliver a tale with lots of bite, plus they aren’t afraid to attract bloodshed!
Well, just lacking one anyway.

Hulk versus. Dracula does a great job getting people much like me up to date on which Dracula's been as much as lately. No more the suave mofo within the cape and tuxedo, Dracula now sports bloodstream-red-colored armor and lengthy, whitened hair. Not just that, the The almighty of Vampires of the underworld has become more Chief Operating Officer than The almighty, by having an military of vamps at his putting in a bid...together with minions who add up to fanged secretaries and research assistants. Dracula, Corporation.? I love the seem of this.

However, I love the seem of 'Hulk and Dracula punching and hammering one another to death' better, and that i was wishing that the book named Fear Itself: Hulk versus. Dracula had that in spades. Author Victor Gischler does give both combatants some room to flex their muscles, as they say, because they size one another up prior to the large showdown. You bear witness to Hulk's strength (Worthy-fied due to Fear Itself) because he tears vampires of the underworld a replacement, and also to Dracula's intelligence and cunning in the look for the Hulk's weakness. Girschler then stirs the pot using the wildcards known as The Pardoned, renegade vampires of the underworld by having an agenda almost all their own, and it is interesting to determine where he takes it came from here.

However, this being the very first inside a three-problem small, two men sizing one another up to have an entire problem is easily the most we'll get. What we should get is fun enough, even when the majority of it's a little too exposition-y. Series artist Ryan Stegman does a great job taking advantage of what we should have, because he makes both men look great, and the action moments are adequately exciting.

Like a side story measuring only tangientally-associated with the greatest Marvel event of the season, Fear Itself: Hulk versus. Dracula #1 did not have to blow anyone's faces off, however it could have been appreciated. Unless of course you are, like, die-hard into vampires of the underworld, you will not be missing much should you leave this at a shop.