Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fantastic Four By John Byrne Omnibus HC Vol. 01

Fantastic Four By John Byrne Omnibus HC Vol. 01

By: John Byrne
Type: Graphic Novels
Genres: Superhero
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Pub. Date: November 09, 2011
Availability: Released
UPC: 978078515824059999

It had been the earth's finest comic magazine - again! because this times Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were built with a creator so perfectly taken the intense mood, cosmic style and classic feeling of adventure of Marvel's First Family.

Fresh off an earth-breaking and status-making run as penciler on UNCANNY X-MEN,
John Byrne demonstrated his writing talent was just the equal of his art because he drawn double-duty on FANTASTIC FOUR, starting Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny into area of imagination and question into which couple of designers before not even dared to visit.

In the four corners from the globe towards the farthest reaches of space towards the greatest depths from the Negative Zone,
the FF prepare for battle against enemies old and new - such as the Dr. Doom, Galactus and Annihilus!

The FF aid the Inhumans, say goodbye Baxter Building, wear new costumes and celebrate on their 20th anniversary in fashion as Byrne reminds all of us there is a family in the centre of the team of new adventure!!