Friday, November 18, 2011

Batman #3

who is the owl ?and what is his intention ? why did he attacked bruce ?did he knows that bruce is Batman ?
and as u can see below...there is a new gang in town and it called "the whisper gang"....they are creepy u know ...with iron mask soldered over their face that the member of the gang will never ever coulkd open the mask anymore ....and batman was fighting them ,and we know the result already ...batman is batman...he always win against the enemy haha

the owl never build up the nest by their own,usually they take another bird's nest ...and this is exactly what happen .... the owl ( batman's enemy) was living on the 13th floor of the wayne building ...that 13th floor is always that no one ever checked it...sounds weird huh ?c'mon bruce at least do u have cctv there ????

so batman rush to the owl's HQ building?(i'm not sure) and all of sudden that building exploded with the owl was smiling outside ...

overall 9/10
amazing story ,never expected the owl was living in the 13th floor of wayne's building....
and still a lot of unsolved mystery here stay tune with this comic !